December Board Meeting
Dec 8 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

All are welcome! Contact a board member for more info.

Field Applicator Training @ RTC
Dec 13 @ 7:30 am – 5:30 pm

In case you have not heard, ICRI is developing a training program specifically for field applicators of concrete repair materials. Former ICRI Technical Director, Dave Fuller, started the program, but with his departure, Mark LeMay of the North Texas Chapter has taken over the program development. With the assistance of a Task Group, a program has been under development for the past several months. One of the next steps is to put on a “Pilot Training Program” for 20 attendees on Wednesday, December 13th at RTC’s shop facility at1433 Crescent Drive, Carrollton, TX.

The program that has been developed so far will be one full day, and will consist of two classroom sessions put on by Subject Matter Experts (SME’s). Topics covered will include:

  • Components that make up reinforced concrete
  • Deterioration of concrete
  • Surface preparation
  • Concrete repair methods and materials
  • Quality requirements for concrete repair
  • Mixing, placing, finishing, and curing

The two classroom sessions will be alternated with hands-on “workstations”, where attendees will learn how to acoustically sound concrete, the proper methods of concrete removal, surface preparation, and mixing, placing, finishing and curing concrete repair materials. The training is intended for the least experienced workers in your crew to help advance their knowledge of proper concrete repair techniques. We plan to send each participant home with printed copies of pertinent ICRI Guidelines and other reference material.

The goal is to eventually offer the program in Spanish. However, until the content of the program can be finalized, the December 13th event will be offered in English only, but some Spanish-speaking people will be available to assist any attendee who may need such assistance.

As contributing members to our NTX Chapter, we wish to extend an invitation to you to send one or two of your least experienced field hands to participate in this full-day Pilot Program on 12/13 at no cost. Please forward their names to Mark LeMay ( by 4 PM CST on Wednesday, November 29, 2023.

In addition, if you have one or two foremen/superintendents from your company who wish to attend to observe and provide feedback on the program, please forward their names to Mark as well.